Why Not Create Your Own Aquarium?

If you are enthusiastic about fish, water life, or marine inhabitants, you should consider setting up your own aquarium. You can visit any specialist store who will be happy to advise you on the necessary requirements. Remember that salt water and fresh water aquariums are entirely different entities. You have the added complication of maintaining the salinity of the tank and choosing plants that favour a saltwater environment. However, you will be rewarded because your choice is much greater than with a freshwater environment. If the setting is in your home, you will need to give some thought to creating your own unique space or room so that you can indulge your passion. When considering the furniture to adorn your room, why not consider sprucing up some of your old Ikea couches and settees? It is here that Bemz can help with their extensive selection of covers specially designed for the Ikea range.

What Can Bemz Offer?

Bemz offers a wide range of products such as:

  • Sofa covers
  • Footstool covers
  • Armchair covers
  • Bed covers
  • Armrest protectors
  • Headboard covers

These covers are designed to recover old Ikea furniture that is still structurally sound but needs a facelift. So when looking at what to place in your aquarium room or space, have a look around to see if you have any tired-looking Ikea furniture. You can also ask friends and family if they have anything they no longer require. By adding brand new, uniquely designed covers, you can give your old Ikea furniture a new lease of life. This will also save you the expense of buying new items giving you more money to spend on that exotic fish or accessory you always wanted.

Bemz also offers a range of products such as furniture legs, fabric by the metre, curtains and cushion covers. What’s more, they can supply five free samples so you can be sure that your new furniture covers will match the decor of your designated space. They also offer free shipping for any goods over £200.00.


Having your own aquarium is highly recommended for fish-loving enthusiasts. Once set up, you can have lots of fun choosing the species and plants for your new venture. The experience also provides constant pleasure when observing the antics and behaviour of your fishy inhabitants. Why not set up a room in your home for the aquarium for maximum enjoyment of the experience? Check out Bemz to see how they can help to add a touch of style and elegance to your new venture.

Best Rooms In The House For Your Aquarium

If you are going to invest in an aquarium and go to the trouble of setting it up (although it’s really more fun than trouble) you want to be able to enjoy it. Which means you not only want to pick the right room but the right location in the room.

The Right Room

First, decide on which room you spend the most time in. This is where you are most likely going to enjoy your fish the most. For most this is the living room. Although some enjoy having it in the kitchen as this may be where the hub of the activity is. When thinking about where you can enjoy this, also consider the aquariums’ inhabitants . One study has shown that fish have the ability to recognize the face of a person. So if you are the one that has the most contact with them, does this mean they are going to get to know you? They just might.


You are going to need to have your tank where you can access electricity to run the pumps, lights and heater.

You need enough space to be able to easily access the tank. Not just from the front but the sides as well.

The Environment

You need to consider the environment of the room and particularly the temperature. If you spend a lot of time in your unheated workshop this may not be the ideal location for your aquarium. Even though this where you would get to see the fish the most. The same applies when putting the tank in a room where there is an air conditioner. It might have an adverse effect on the tank.

Stay away from the windows. Putting the aquarium too close to a window can cause problems. It can cause fluctuating temperatures to the water. Too much sunlight could cause algae to grow.