DIY Fun Aquarium Background

A good backdrop can often mean the difference between a mediocre tank and a breathtakingly beautiful one. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest projects for hobbyists and can be finished in one short hour.

Find a large sheet of styrofoam that matches the diameter of the back wall of your tank. Then it is time to bring out the paint, just make sure that it is a non-toxic acrylic paint that will not harm your fish. Let your imagination loose and decorate the sheet with any scene you choose. However, scenes that imitate your fish’s natural environment tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing. You can add extra pieces of styrofoam to imitate rocks or other structural features. Pasting artificial plants to your backdrop will add to the multidimensional

effect that it has in your tank. Other good options are using small glass beads to stick to the bottom of the backdrop. Not only does it make it more visually interesting but the texture will add something for your fish to explore. Making your own backdrop for your tank is a fun way to add a little personality to your tank. This project will help you make a natural environment that is pleasing to you and your pet.