Easy Ways To Make A Condensation Tray

The drip tray underneath your tank serves an important function. It is there to catch all of the drips and splashes that come off of your tank. But what do you do if your drip tray breaks? Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to make your own replacement.

For a short term solution, you will need a large amount of aluminium foil. Determine the size of your tank and then add a few inches to that number. Start to layer the foil until you have a sheet the size of your tank that is at least six or seven layers thick. Fold in the corners until your sheet resembles a large tray.

Alternatively, you can build your own drip catcher by using sheets of perspex and hot glue. Measure out a large piece of perspex that matches the diameter of your tank. Cut two pieces of perspex that are two inches high and as long as the length of your tank and another two-inch piece that match the breadth. Glue all of the pieces together with hot glue. When your drip catcher under your tank breaks you do not need to lose hope. You can make your own.