Top Four Aquarium Maintenance Tips

If you have set up an aquarium, you must prioritise taking care of it. It is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your money does not go to waste, and that your fish will survive, as well as grow. Maintaining aquariums is not as hard as many people think it is. The practical tips below can help you do it correctly.

Water Changes

This is among the essential activities that you can do to maintain your aquarium. After every two weeks, see to it that you do a 10 to 15% water change. Ensure that you check the parameters of the replacement water you are using to confirm that it is not harmful to your fish’s health. If you are using tap water, don’t forget to add a quality water conditioner for neutralising the chlorine. When you are changing the water, you should also get rid of any fish excrement, leftover food or any other waste that might be present.

Check the Aquarium Regularly

It is also recommended that you examine your aquarium more often. Look at the fish closely while they feed. Any changes in their behaviour should be a clear indication that something is wrong. Make sure that all equipment is functioning correctly so that even when you are away, you have the guarantee that your fish are safe. Then, there should be consistency in the water temperature, because sudden fluctuations, if undetected, can subject your fish to stress and eventually lead to diseases. When checking the aquarium, in your comfortable pair of adidas Shoes, make sure to bring a quality tester kit.

Count Your Fish

Knowing the number of fish you have allows you to be aware of your aquarium’s condition. If you notice that most of your fish are dying at a rapid rate, you need to identify the problem and come up with a viable solution. It is always advisable to never ignore fish death. If, for instance, the fish losing their lives are the smaller species, there will be a lot of fast decomposition taking place in your aquarium tank. It may cause high nitrate levels that can easily lead to more fish deaths due to nitrate poisoning.

Service the Filter

To ensure that your aquarium is always in good condition, clean your filter at least monthly. Servicing the filter enables you to do away with waste so that the home of the fish you love is not polluted. How you do it will depend on the size and condition of the aquarium. For rinsing, only use clean and fresh water, without any bleach or soap to avoid killing healthy aquarium bacteria.

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned above can come in handy when you are taking care of your aquarium. Consider them.