Concrete vs Aluminium Foil DIY Background

A new backdrop can restore the joy and excitement to a tank. However, few people have the money or time to go to the pet shop to buy a new backdrop every week. For this reason, more and more people are deciding to make their own.

One of the easiest backdrops you can make for your tank consists out of little more than styrofoam and a roll of foil that you will find in the back of your pantry. Measure and cut out a piece of styrofoam that will fit neatly into the back of your tank. Tear off pieces of foil and roll it into balls. Then you need to gently unroll the balls and rub small amounts of dark non toxic paint into the wrinkles. Next, you are ready to apply glue to the styrofoam board and stretch the pieces of foil over the glue.

If you prefer something that looks a little more industrial you may want to consider playing around with the cement look. To make this backdrop you will need another styrofoam board to fit your tank, a palette knife, and a runny mixture of cement and water. Use the knife to apply the concrete to the board in thin layers. Continue in this manner until the entire board has been covered. You may need to apply a second layer of cement to ensure that nothing shines through. This second layer is a good time to experiment with textures. Even if you do not decide to experiment with textures this industrial backdrop will have a striking effect when incorporated in your tank.

Making new backdrops for your tank is not only a fun activity but it is also a great way to change aesthetics without spending a lot of money. With just a few simple supplies you can make a wide range of different backdrops.